2016 Denis Irving Scholarship Awarded

Every year, Marshall Day Entertech, in conjunction with Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) and Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), provide an award to an outstanding graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts Production Course.

Marshall Day Entertech are proud to provide this scholarship, which was established in memory of Denis Irving, who founded Entertech in 1979, to encourage VCA students to study the design and operation of performance venues, as Denis believed that as the people who work in the spaces we are often the best placed to advise on how they should be designed.

The recipient of the award for 2016 will have a minimum four weeks paid employment with Marshall Day Entertech followed by another six weeks paid employment with the Melbourne Theatre Company in their production department.

Following a briefing session and receipt of formal applications, an interview process by representatives of MTC, MDE and VCA was conducted with all applicants for the award. All applications were very strong, a decision was not easy and we thank all the applicants for their interest in the position.

Congratulations to Linton Wilkinson, the recipient of the 2016 Denis Irving Scholarship. 

We were very pleased to welcome Linton to the office this March.

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