Alexander Theatre Redevelopment, Monash University


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Marshall Day was engaged as both the theatre and acoustic designer on the an Ian Potter Foundation Centre for the Performing Arts project. The first venue of three to complete is the Alexander Theatre Redevelopment Project. The project is set to create a world-class entertainment precinct in Melbourne’s south-east.

Ian Potter Foundation Centre for the Performing Arts: Three venues

Completed in 2018:

  • The redevelopment of the existing 1960's Alexander Theatre, which in its heyday had hosted performances by highly respected organisations such as the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Bell Shakespeare Company. Seating capacity has increased  from 508 to 586 seats.


  • A new 200 seat Jazz Club, which can function as a cafe during the day and a “fully catered” venue at night
  • 130 seat 'Sound Gallery, which will be a versatile flat floor performance space able to transformed to suit a variety of needs

Alexander Theatre

Opened in June 2018 and representing the first major phase of the project, The Alexander Theatre Redevelopment is the first proscenium theatre in Australia to install a state of the art Meyer Sound Constellation 'active acoustic' system. The technology enables the space to transform within minutes to the different sound environments tailored to a wide range of events, from jazz, classical, chamber, contemporary, theatre and cinema.

Alongside the active acoustics system, The Alexander Theatre is now served by 38 powered fly lines and a Serapid orchestra pit lift.

The new centre will host everything from world-class performers to cultural groups and student ensembles. 

Left: Alexander Theatre Reopening Launch video

“The new Potter Centre for Performing Arts will attract world-class performers which is a huge win for Victoria.”

Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert