Western Australian Museum


Aurecon/Department of Treasury Strategic Projects


Perth, WA

Completion date


The Western Australian Government has committed $428 million to redevelop its Museum, making it one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world at this time. There will be a new facility which will integrate with refurbished heritage buildings to display the State collection, whilst also having the facility to host contemporary exhibitions from around the world. It will be a world-class cultural venue whose planning and design will be based on world's best practice for accessibility, sustainability and inclusivity.

Our Scope

As part of the Engineering Advisory Services team, Marshall Day will assist in the development of the State’s Project Brief for all aspects of the specialist AV and acoustics, as well as assisting the State as a key advisor for design monitoring and review during project procurement, design, and construction.

The project includes the provision of new building works along the currently vacant portion of the site, adjacent to Francis and Museum Streets as well as the refurbishment of the site’s existing heritage buildings.

The duration of the full commission is expected to be approximately five years.


The museum closed its doors mid-2016 as the construction begins, with an anticipated delivery date of 2020.